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Embracing the Holidays Within Your Organization

The holiday season isn’t just for celebrating with friends and family but for employees, too! For organizations, this time is an opportunity to embrace each upcoming holiday while promoting employee appreciation in the process.  As the holiday season isn’t tied to one holiday, keeping your celebrations as inclusive and well-rounded as possible is essential. Here

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HR Trends in the Future

The future of work is increasingly flexible, and it’s changing at an alarming pace. Along with it, the role of Human Resources (HR) has also drastically changed, coming all the way from the background toward the forefront of employee experience. But how much has HR changed, and what will be its impact on the workforce moving

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National Intern Day: Celebrating the Significance of Internships in Professional Development

Every year, on a day known as National Intern Day, we recognize and appreciate the invaluable contributions of interns in various industries. This observance highlights the importance of internships for career development and shaping those career paths, fostering skill development, and bridging the gap between education and professional experience.  Today, we will explore the significance

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Pride Month: History, Significance, and Celebrations

We’ve come to widely recognize June as Pride Month, a time when millions of individuals worldwide come together to celebrate and honor the LGBTQ+ Pride community. It serves as a commemoration of the progress made in LGBTQ+ rights and a reminder of this community’s ongoing struggles.  Knowing the answer to “When is Pride Month” is

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