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A Guide to the Top Remote Work Software

Remote work is a topic many companies are talking about and working to facilitate. Allowing employees to work at various locations. Whether on a job site, coffee shop, or at home, it’s desirable for various reasons. Yet, it is much harder to manage employees who are not in the same location. Still, remote work is on the rise. To master it companies must be able to choose the right tools to facilitate, secure, and utilize it. Remote work software provides that solution.

Forbes indicates that, in 2023, 28.2% of workers work at least part-time from a remote location, and 12.7% of employees do so full-time.

Why Use Remote Work Software?

Remote collaboration tools make it possible for companies to facilitate a smooth and effective way of managing their employees from a distance. One of the big reasons to do so is because employees want it. With 58% of employees wanting to work from home at least part-time, according to data from McKinsey & Company.

From a company standpoint though, the use of the best software for remote teams is what is critical. With it, the entire process is streamlined. Some of the core benefits of using these virtual team management tools include:

Enhances communication

The use of remote work software enhances the ability of teams to communicate over distances. A Pumble study found that 86% of employees and management share that a lack of collaboration stemming from poor communication is one of the main causes of slowdowns in the workplace. This solution improves that outcome.

Streamlining project management

The best overall remote work platforms provide the tools to not just let people work remotely but to manage projects with ease. Just as if a group of people were managing them within the same office space. This can help ensure that work is done efficiently and effectively, enhancing the customer experience and not holding it back.

Ensuring data security

The best of this type of remote project management software enhances data security. Just providing an employee with a laptop to work at home is not safe. It exposes companies to a wide range of theft risks. In fact, a Gitnux survey found that, since the use of remote work environments, cybersecurity incidents have surged by as much as 53%. For most companies, those costs are unbearable. The use of online team collaboration software that provides the highest level of security not only enhances protections but may be safer than what is being used in-house.

Monitoring and productivity tracking

Many companies worry that going remote means employees are less productive. Yet, that is rarely the case when there are ample tools in place to help support the team. In a Forbes article, it was found that in the right environment with the right tools, productivity in a remote environment is 7% higher than in-office productivity. 

Tools For Remote Workers

Features to Look for in Remote Work Software:

When choosing remote project management software, there are several core factors to look for in these products. Not all are equal in terms of what they offer, so comparing online team collaboration software is critical. Some core features to look for include:

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Integration capabilities with existing software being used
  • User-friendly interface that ensures your team is easily able to use the tool
  • Security features that are as highly effective as any other product or better
  • Task and project management tools that are designed to enable companies to manage projects efficiently
  • Video conferencing to keep people communicating

These work from home software solutions are designed to make the job easier. They should not require extensive training or be hard to integrate.

Top Remote Work Software Recommendations

The following are some of the most sought-after remote project management software solutions.


Cost: Starting as low as $13.49 per user, though a free plan is available

This cloud-based platform provides real-time status updates for project management, scheduling tools, and an easy-to-manage task management system.


Cost: as low as free

For the best digital communication tools for remote teams, consider Slack. Slack is a tool that provides a message board for the collaboration of teams with various channels for groups and project management. It enables key features like built-in voice calls and screen-sharing features. 

Google Workspace

Cost: As low as free

Remote team productivity tools must provide a way to effectively share materials and documents. Google Workspace is one of the easiest ways to do so. It allows for the creation of presentations, spreadsheets, and documents and offers some of the best in file sharing with security.


Cost: As low as free

Trello is a project management tool that provides access to cards that move from one column or task to the next. This makes it possible for companies to have a zeroed-in approach to managing projects or tasks. It is one of the best tools for remote workers because of how easy it is to learn.


Cost: As low as free

This tool allows for product design teams to facilitate working together. It allows companies to collaborate from any location with clear communication, producing better results even in a more creative project.

Tips for Implementing Remote Work Software

Companies that invest in remote work software need to focus heavily on the solutions available and the needs they have. These strategies can help.

Training and onboarding are critical.

Ensure that every employee fully understands how the process will work, how to use the tools, and why to use them. If the employee is struggling, the change will be hard to manage.

Keep regular updates and maintenance a priority.

Keep the system secure and maintained like any other type of software the company uses.

Encourage team feedback.

Get insight into how well the software is working or any bottlenecks present. This ensures companies have better access to the tools they need.

Choosing the right remote work software is critical for every company. With a lot of options available, it is often possible to find very specific and highly effective solutions for any type of product. Explore a variety of options to find the best solution for your needs.

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