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5 Tips to Maximize Working From Anywhere

Three words are every employee’s dream: working from anywhere. The ability to grab your laptop and plop down wherever in the world may be oh so tempting, but working from anywhere isn’t always as glamorous as it seems. The biggest downside? Potential distractions…if you let there be.  Working from anywhere requires a shift in prioritization and a change in strategy. Here are some tips to maximize your time while working from anywhere: 

  1. Switch locations whenever possible

Brute-forcing work isn’t always going to be as effective as changing your backdrop and giving yourself a fresh pair of eyes on your task. Switching locations isn’t always about being mesmerized by an idyllic backyard, but about moving your body. Physically getting up helps awaken your senses and this temporary jolt of energy will do wonders. 

Struggling to find a location? Try your local coffee shop, a library, your backyard, or even a coworking space. Working from anywhere is all about working where you feel best. When a place feels dull, get up and switch places. It doesn’t always require a long commute or a one-way ticket to a different country, but it can be the difference between working at the library and working at a coffee shop.

  1. Work with others 

While working with others may require in-person meetings and may feel antithetical to working from anywhere, it’s quite the opposite. Working with other remote employees can help give you the community, pep talk, or boost you need. Brainstorming and bouncing ideas off each other is the beauty of collaboration. Getting a different perspective on things is always beneficial, and working from others is a great way to vary your days when working from anywhere can feel monotonous. 

  1. Use the Pomodoro Method

While multitasking can mean efficiency, at times it can feel disruptive when you’re trying to get work done. There’s nothing like spurts of focused work sessions to really get you in the right mindset, clacking away on your keyboard. Try scheduling work blocks to focus on a specific task. The only rule? You’re allowed to solely work on that task for the time allotted–no drifting. While this may sound restrictive, it actually speaks to the beauty of focus work. It blurs out all distractions for those glorious twenty minutes. All that’s left is you and the work you’re about to tackle. 

  1. Leverage technology

Organization tools can help you stay on track as you work from home. Tools like Notion can be used as an agenda while Loom can help you stay connected with your coworkers with a quick video. Don’t overlook mobile apps, either! There are plenty of studying apps that can help you stay focused from Pomodoro-type apps to apps like Forest.  

  1. Tune into you, too 

Sometimes it’s not just your backdrop that quells inspiration, but your mood. As dynamic humans, our mood has the sneaky ability to define our day, but only if we let it. Quick pick-me-ups like coffee, snacks for fuel, or a hearty lunch can help boost your mood. Don’t forget to also stay hydrated when you’re in between meetings, as dehydration can actually lead to a decrease in focus. Overall, working from anywhere is about having the freedom to tend to your needs. So, go for that 10-minute walk, have that extra mid-day snack, or meditate after your lunch break–just don’t forget to tune into you, too.

Consider working from anywhere a beautiful concoction of work, productivity, and self-care. While it’s never a one-size-fits-all model, it’s about finding what truly works for you on that day. Motivation and inspiration may be fleeting, but it’s about leveraging the tools you need to help you thrive. 


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