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The Future of Work Is Here to Stay

Work is not about sitting within four walls and being confined to monotony and waiting for the weekend to come. I can now say from my own experience that it’s about creativity, fresh perspectives, and working hard while enjoying even harder because there is only this one life for everyone to make the most of!

Work is about passion and doing what you love, not because you have to, but because you want to. I feel the Future of Work is not temporary, as, with the pandemic, people got a taste of how the world opens up to plenty of opportunities by being more fluid.

At the same time that everything is unpredictable, anything can happen any time. Self-care and priorities in life have become all the more critical. At the same time, when life gets topsy turvy, the flexibility of remote working funnily brings your stability and stops the world from going round. Diverts your mind from your troubles because there’s an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in.

Sheena Amin

After 2+ years of working remotely, recently, when I had to travel to visit my husband’s office (which is not far by Mumbai standards), I just felt it was such as unproductive use of my time. Some could argue there’s time saved when you don’t have to commute. In that time, I could have churned out a few reports and caught up on many emails. Many working professionals around me think the same way.

What has remote work done for me?

With remote working, I can be in Goa, sit outdoors in the lap of nature with animals around me (I am an animal lover, and they make me super happy), and my efficiency levels boost by 100% at least – fresh ideas come to me naturally. I get to meet interesting people, open my eyes to what happens in different parts of the world and use this to flow it back to my work and ideas. I can work at times, my energy is flowing, and I think when my mind and heart are at peace, and I don’t have to adapt them to work at specific hours/meetings. I can think, reflect and sharpen my ideas before putting them in action.

I feel there is so much talent out there, with so many professionals just seeking that one chance to give it all they have. With the regular jobs we used to have, it was challenging to give them a platform, but with remote working, there are so many opportunities for anybody based anywhere to work with fantastic teams and have an accelerated learning curve. There is no looking back anymore! 

What does our team look like?

With a team like ours on the international side, it is entirely remote and global. We have team members all across time zones and countries – India, South Africa, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, France, and along with that come different cultures and behaviors. What binds us together is our values at SnackMagic and having a very transparent culture. With the change levels and agility that Stadium works at, it is commendable that things are not lost out and have the exact intention amongst everyone. 

Initially, ‘till we get to know each other ‘Camera On’ is a great option as lots of things get missed without visual communication and can be misinterpreted, I feel. I tend to keep my videos on for most meetings, not only because I feel that is the best way to reduce miscommunication but also adds more personal touch to the conversations.

Overall, I feel that Future Of Work will be led by teams working remotely. There is a lot of learning that takes place this way at an individual level, professional level, and team level. It IS holistic and sustainable.

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