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Questions Companies Should Consider in the Future Of Work

Evaluating if a company is right for you? Thinking about how you can enact change for your organization? Here are some questions to inspire deeper thinking about the future of work at your company:

  1. How is your company culture defined? Are they tailored to your company or do they feel like buzzwords?
  2. How do you think employees would generally define your company culture? Would there be a disconnect?
  3. Has said company been open to experimentation, new ideas, and strategic thinking? 
  4. Are there set processes in place? Can employees ever ‘go against the grain’ if it makes sense to?
  5. How receptive are you to employee feedback?
  6. As a company, how are you promoting an open culture? 
  7. How do you prioritize diversity when it comes to ideas and hiring practices?
  8. Would your company ever consider going remote in the future, even if for a short time? 

Questions job seekers should ask if they’re looking to join a company that values the future of work:

  1. How is this company retaining its talent?
  2. What initiatives are they taking to show employee appreciation?
  3. Have they mentioned the future of work anywhere whether it be on their site or in conversation? 
  4. What is the company’s stance on the future of work? Do they align with any of its values? 
  5. Do their employees seem genuinely happy? Or, do they seem overworked?
  6. What does growth in a role look like? Is there any room for growth or mobility across the organization?
  7. What organizational structure does the company use?
  8. What is the company’s mission?
  9. Are meetings done at an effective cadence? Is asynchronous communication used at all?
  10. Do employees feel comfortable sharing ideas or disagreeing? 
  11. Is there transparency throughout the organization?
  12. What is the company’s stance on automation?
  13. What benefits does the company offer? Are there any wellness benefits too?
  14. Are employee surveys being conducted?
  15. What initiatives is the company taking to foster culture if it’s working remotely? Are there retreats, fun events, business resource groups, etc.?

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