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Side Hustles in the Future of Work

The future of work has enabled more opportunities for employees. From remote work becoming more normalized to employers embracing flexible work, there’s never been a better time to shift gears and embrace the future of work. With the rise of this flexibility, some have not only turned to chasing their dreams, but to starting a side hustle.

What is a side hustle?

A side hustle can be defined as “a job or occupation that brings in extra money beyond one’s regular job and main income.” This broad definition means a side hustle can encompass anything from tutoring to freelancing to creating your own side business. According to a Zapier report, two in 5 Americans (40%) have a side hustle, up 34% more than in December 2020. The prominence of work flexibility has meant more room for employees to pursue their passions while earning supplemental income. 

That’s all due to the future of work. As Bethany Goldson, a People Operations Specialist, from says, “The future of work to me means freedom. With the move into remote and asynchronous work, I don’t have to be stuck online during the 9 to 5 grind. The future of work means taking ownership of your schedule so you don’t sacrifice your passions for your “day job”.

Looking for inspiration on where to start with your side hustle? Here are some passive side hustle ideas: 

  • Graphic design, photography, and typography
    Love designing? Creating graphic design templates can be a simple way to showcase your art and get a passive stream flowing. You can sell your graphic design templates on Canva.

    In regards to photography, you can upload your photography on Unsplash where people can make donations. For typography, uploading a font on Dafont may be a good way to get more eyeballs on your font (people can also make donations here!)

Freelance writing

Have a knack for words? Freelancing is a great way to get those creative juices flowing while still getting paid for it. The world of freelance writing is expansive: you can write anything from social media captions to email campaigns to website mission statements. 

The best place for freelance writers? Try Fiverr or Upwork if you’re looking for a freelance platform. If you’re looking for a place to chase leads, social media will be your best bet. Follow Twitter accounts like @write_jobs or @ or browse subreddits such as HireaWriter or Freelancewriters . Try searching for keywords like “hiring writer” and “writer needed” on LinkedIn and Reddit. 

Creating infographic resources and selling them on Etsy

Similarly to graphic design freelancing, creating infographic resources can be a good way to earn income passively. Samples of infographic resources include a yearly planner, a To-Do list, a monthly calendar, a habit tracker, an optimized and useful Excel sheet, a personal finance tracker, and more.

User testing

If you find yourself considering the visual experience when browsing the web or on your favorite apps, user testing may be a good route. User testing entails using a website or app and talking through your thought process and experience. Site examples include Checkealos or Trymata

These side hustles are just the tip of the iceberg. The future of work hinges upon innovation and finding new ways to work. Thus, if you’re passionate about something, put it out there–the reception may not be what you think.


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