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What Does the Future of Leadership Look Like?

In this workplace era, to keep employees happy, motivated, and engaged, consider doing something powerful and counterintuitive: change your leadership. 

Change in leadership was never so imperative but the way we lead, manage, mentor and work has changed to a great extent ever since the covid outbreak happened. The old hierarchical model that relied on the few people at the top doesn’t work anymore. In today’s more fluid, unpredictable and ambiguous businesses, diversified control and leadership through networks of people at all levels are essential to success along with being flexible, empathetic, resilient, and technologically savvy.

It’s one thing that determines the importance of developing a new type of leader for a changing world. Determining what exactly this new type of leadership might include is another matter. As the leaders are evolving, so are the future trends of how leadership is going to look like in the changing workplaces. Here are several key trends: 

  1. Less Predictability & Greater Certainty
  2. Artificial intelligence
  3. Futurize and Humanize 
  4. Appreciation for Diversity
  5. Appreciation for Good Work
  6. Not to lead too hard
  7. Flexibility
  8. Establish Strong Work and Personal Boundaries

These trends are not unknown to current leaders nor difficult to understand and analyze. Business leaders should focus on providing flexible and healthy work environments that support employees and ensure maximum productivity. Because change is always happening, they must be on the lookout for emerging trends and be prepared to accept changes that meet the needs of their staff and the organization as a whole. This adaptation also differentiates a company from others and increases competitive advantage, as most employees today will not settle for ineffective leadership or a lack of opportunities for growth and development in the place of work.

 In conclusion, the leadership equation is changing  throughout the workplaces but Covid-19 has taught the importance of adaptability to the world. The leadership trends we can expect in the coming times are more focused on emotional intelligence, sustainability and work-life balance. 

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