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Working From Home: A Beginner’s Guide

Ahhh, working from home. It was a dream for most people back in the day and is now a reality, all because of the nightmare of the pandemic. As the norm was working in person, it is hard for some people to cope with this change in work environment since WFH is the new trend.

               Since I started my work career in this setup, there are certain things that I discovered which made my daily work routine feel the smoothest. If you prefer to work from home as opposed to anywhere, here are 5 tips that can enhance your working from home experience:

  1. Have a consistent routine. Yes, working from home is a much forgiving setup considering you have more time on your hands as the daily commute is already eliminated from your list. However, that doesn’t mean you should just do things that you want without a set schedule. This includes your eating and sleeping patterns, as well as your daily preparation for work!

 Bonus Tip: Being ready an hour earlier before going to work helps in making yourself feel prepared in facing your tasks.

  1. Exercise regularly. Since WFH does not require you to commute, we spend most of our work hours sitting. This could hurt our health as having a sedentary lifestyle increases all causes of mortality according to the World Health Organization. You may check their article here.

 Exercising regularly will not only help you improve physically but mentally as well. You may check an article about this here. This will fuel positivity, which we need in working, especially on our setup! Besides, with no commute, we have a lot more extra time, so adding it to your routine would not hurt.

  1. Socialize with your workmates, in person! Talking to your colleagues virtually doesn’t mean you should not meet them personally. Having time to go out with workmates gives you a more solid bond which could translate to your working experience with them.

 Bonus Tip: Allot some of your time talking with the people around you to avoid the feeling of loneliness.

  1. Invest in work equipment. As most WFH jobs require you to use a computer, you can never go wrong in investing in your hardware. A good keyboard, for example, makes you enjoy typing even the longest documents. Some monitors also have functionalities to make your eyes feel much more comfortable. And a more robust pc will help in finishing your work ahead of your deadline… which gives you more time for coffee!

 Bonus Tip: Investing in a good ergonomic chair will save your back, literally!

  1. Go out, relax, and enjoy! We spend most of our time inside the comfort of our houses with a lot of time to rest. But going out to the beach, park, or even having a spa day from time to time would lessen the feeling of being isolated. Having time for yourself is the best thing to do not only for our setup but for all kinds of work!

Bonus Tip: If you are using a laptop, it is a great idea to work in different places especially places where you feel most comfortable.

It is true that with this work-from-home setup, we have a lot more freedom and control. However, we should always keep in mind to not abuse this new system and work with a greater sense of responsibility.


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