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The Future of Work Is The Best Time to Chase Your Dreams

The future of work has normalized remote work but has also reiterated the notion of being passionate about the work you do. With the Great Resignation occurring during the pandemic, people have looked to the future of work as an opportunity to pursue their dreams. Timing is always difficult to pinpoint, but the future of work can be an opportune time to switch careers. Why, do you ask?

  1. Companies have shifted to remote work

With the rise of remote work and working from anywhere, searching for remote jobs means being able to expand your job radius. It also means that organizations have looked at hiring differently, with more of a focus on soft skills and potential. 

It’s no secret that certain geographical locations are best suited for certain industries. Being able to expand your geographical radius means being open to new opportunities. For example, if you’ve wanted to pursue a role in the financial industry but found you were never in the optimal place to do it, the future of work is a perfect time. 

  1. Remote work = more time to discover new opportunities

Eliminating the commute means time saved. Not only is it optimal for work-life balance, but it means more time. More time to pursue your dream career, build your small business or discover new hobbies. However, this also means more time to explore different career paths which you may not have discovered. The transition from school to work may not always be enough time to truly reaffirm your passions. With the time saved from commuting, you can channel that energy into something like a certification or a boot camp.

There are remote boot camps for anything ranging from UX design to coding to project management. These boot camps are a great way to gain practical experience as well as experience you can put into a potential portfolio. Interviewing for a new job when you’re working in person means having to take a day off which isn’t always feasible. 

  1. The shift to a flat organization means career mobility

More companies have shifted to a flat hierarchy, as the future of work has prompted thinking for everyone: people, companies, people behind companies, and so forth. Being able to work at an organization with a flat hierarchy means being able to have more flexibility in completing tasks outside the scope of your role. Consider it productive experimentation that could lead to helping you make the career transition you’ve always wanted. 

  1. There’s a community of people who have done it 

Life isn’t linear and the same can be said for careers. Looking to switch careers is a daunting task, but it is certainly less daunting when you realize how many success stories have been produced from the pandemic. Take, for example, the stories of people who have switched and never looked back or organizations that were created to fulfill a new need after the pandemic. 

Or, the inspiring story of Jane Kisnica who decided to quit her job and start her own business. When asked what the future of work means to her, she says, “I’m not 100% sure what the future of work will look like. But one thing is clear: flexible working, working from home, and working from anywhere are all here to stay. More and more people are striving towards self-employment and setting up their own businesses in order to regain their freedom and break the chains of the 9-5 rat race. I have done it myself and would never look back. People are realizing how important their freedom is and how being employed by someone is all that it’s cracked up to be. A digital nomad is still a term that many aren’t familiar with, but I think over the next few years that will change and the term will become normal and widely spread.”

This upheaval of the 9-5 means people will seek new ways to invigorate their careers or look inwards for answers. The future of work has gifted us all with the ability to break the typical conventions and mold of the office job.

Chasing your dreams is a combination of introspection, courage, and a matter of good timing. We’ll be featuring stories of people who have shifted careers here.

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